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Answer:   Mars
For Teachers:

Mars's color is a function of rocks that contain oxidized iron compounds (rust) similar to the "Red Rock" country that can be found in certain drier locations of the southwestern United States.

The dust and rock found on the surface of Mars gives the God of War its distinctive red-orange color. Suspended reddish dust particles in the atmosphere reflect sunlight giving the air an orangey hue. This is a Pathfinder view of Twin Peaks fron Sagan Memorial Station on Mars. NASA/JPL photo...

This photo of Mars taken by Pathfinder at Sagan Memorial Station shows tracks made by Sojourner, a portable laboratory on wheels. Sojourner can be seen examining a rock named Yogi. The rock turned out to be very much like a type of volcanic rock found on Earth called basalts. Twin Peaks can be seen along the horizon to the left. NASA/JPL photo...

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