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Answer:   Earth
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There is now speculation that life may have evolved and is present in the liquid water mantle of Europa, the smallest of Jupiter’s four large satellites. Life may have originated on the planet Mars about three billion years ago when liquid water flowed over its surface and collected into large lakes and salty oceans. However, water vapor and other greenhouse gases were rapidly lost into space and caused climatic conditions on Mars to become much dryer and colder. Mars did not have enough gravity to sustain a dense atmosphere. Any life on Mars’s surface would have become extinct, or more probably gone underground, where some exobiologists believe that water is present today. Let us make sure that we take care of this little “pale blue dot” called the Earth. It is currently our best hope for survival in a rather hostile universe.

Is there intellegent life on Earth? Don't confuse the guy on the left (Mr. Becker) with the guy on the right. The person on the right was one of the most intelligent individuals that ever lived. In fact, he was voted Time magazine's "Person of the Century". You might want to know his name in case it is asked as a bonus question in the quiz show. This photo was taken by Alan Jacobson of The Morning Call in 1981 and colorized by Adam Jones in 1996.


OK, here he is, Time's "Person of the Century." Now what is his name?

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