1. The team so designated by the flip of a coin will receive the first question. After the question is asked, all members of that team will have a few moments to communicate their answers to the team captain. While this is occurring, the other team must remain completely silent. After a few seconds have elapsed, a sound will be heard and the team captain will stand. She/he will be given the opportunity of answering the question or passing the responsibility for answering the question to another pupil on the team. The question will be repeated and the chosen student will give the answer. The question will be repeated and the answer will be given. A correct response will be awarded 10 points while an incorrect response will receive no credit or zero points.

  2. If the response of a team is incorrect, the opposing side will be given the opportunity to steal the question. The captain of the opposing team will be given the option of accepting or rejecting the question. If he or she chooses to respond, the same aforementioned rules will apply. If, however, the opposing side responds incorrectly, 20 points will be deducted from that teamís score. No deduction will be made if the team captain chooses not to accept the question. Regardless of the outcome, the opposing team receives the next question. In the event of an incorrectly answered true or false question, the opposing team will receive a new question which they may accept or reject.

  3. Teams will be encouraged to clap or indicate approval when one of their members gives a correct response; however, no booing, jeering, hissing, or counterproductive noise will be permitted during the program. Points may be deducted by the teacher or presenter for team rudeness. When this occurs, the penalized team must be informed of the ruling. The structure for point deductions will be as follows: first offense -- 10 points, second offense--15 points, and the third offense--20 points. The game concludes at the third offense level, and the other team automatically wins.

  4. If the contest is tied at the end of the period, the two team captains will square off head-to-head for additional questions until one of the teams has gained the lead in total points. Only team captains will be permitted respond.

  5. Victory will go to the team that has accumulated the greatest number of points by the end of the game period.

  6. Questions can be modified to make them easier or more difficult at the request of the accompanying teacher.

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