Team Names



- A -

Abominable Astronauts
Alan’s Amazing Astronauts
Alien Earthlings
Alien Lords from Jupiter
Aliens From the Planet Pluto
All Star Asteroids
All Stars
Allentown Asteroids
Allentown Comets
Amazing Axes
Amazing Martians
Amazing Meteors
Angel Stars
Angels from Venus
Angels of Venus
Apollo 13s
Area 51s
Astro Belts
Asteroid Aces
Asteroid Adventures
Asteroid Angels
Asteroid Astros
Asteroid Belts
Asteroid Kids
Astronaut Divas
Astronomer Dreamers
Astronomy Aces
Atomic Asteroids
A-town Alien Invaders
Awesome Aliens
Awesome Asteroids
Awesome Astronauts

- B -

Bald Mars Eagles
Bashing Earthlings
Bashing Planets
Battle Star Galacticas
Beautiful Planet Kids
Best Space Students
Beyond the Stars
Big Dippers
Bingaman's Intelligent Buzzing Bees
Black Asteroids
Black Holes 2006
Black Stars
Blazing Comet Kids
Blazing Comets
Bleacher Creatures from Mars
Blue Comets
Blue Team
Brain Tumors From Mars
Brett's All-Stars
Bright Stars
Burning Comets
Burning Stars
Burning Suns

- C -

Central Asteroid Invaders
Central Astronauts
Central Quiz Kids
Central Rockets
Central Saturns
Central Space Jams
Cleveland Comets
Clueless Comets
Cohen's Comets
Comet Blasters
Comet Commanders
Comet Commandos
Comet Conquerors
Comet Crashers
Comet Creatures
Comet Crushers
Comet Kids
Comet Killers
Comet Punkers
Comet Warriors
Comet Zappers
Conrad’s Quiz Kids
Cool Comets
Cosmic Comet Blasters
Cosmic Comets
Cosmic Creatures
Cosmic Creeps
Cowboy Comets
Crashing Comets
Crater Crushers
Crazy Astronauts
Crazy Comets
Crazy Craters
Cubic Comets

- D -

Dallas Rockets
Dances with Planets
Darkest Eclipses
Darth Vaders
Deep Space Nines
Disney’s Plutos
Draco’s Dragons
Declination Demons
Dog Stars

- E -

Earth Busters
Earth Eagles
Earth Eaters
Earth Executioners
Earth Intruders
Earth Invaders
Earth Kids
Earth Killers
Earthly Airheads
Earth Monsters
Earth Warriors
Electric Asteroids
Electric Saturns
Electrical Brainstorms
Energetic Earthlings
Enormous Earthlings
Everlasting Eclipses
Evil Galaxies
Excellent Astronomers
Excellent Earthlings
Excellent Earths
Exploding Stars
Extraterrestrial Space Cadets
Extraordinary Astronauts

- F -

Fireball Comets
Firestar Warriors
Flaming Comets
Flaming Novas
Flaming Suns
Funky Comets
Funky Plutos
Flying Comets
Flying Jupiters

- G -

Galactic Giraffes
Galactic Griffs
Galactic Kids
Galaxy Blasters
Galaxy Gators
Galaxy Goons
Galaxy Invaders
Galaxy Patrols
Galaxy Questers Galaxy Speed Demons
Gangsters from Venus
Gemini Gems
Geniuses from Jupiter
Giant Jupiters
Ginormous Galaxies
God of Wars
God of War Astronomers
Golden Comets
Golden Galaxies
Grammas from Another Galaxy
Great Red Spots
Green Aliens

- H -

Halley’s Comets
Hiram Globtrotters
Hiram Hurricanes
Hot Boys and Girls from Venus
Hot Comets
Hot Girls from Venus
Hot Kidz from Venus
Hot Space Kids
Hot Stars
Hot Vaders
Hot Venuses
Houston Rockets
Hubble Space Blasters
Hubble Space Stars
Human Asteroids
Hurricane Comets
Husky Stars

- I -

Icy Plutos
Inner Space People
Intelligent Earthlings
Intelligent Earths
Intelligent Life
Io Icons

- J -

Jamming Jupiters
Jazzy Jupiters
Jefferson Jupiter Jumping Jelly Beans
Jefferson Starlights
Jumbo Jupiters
Jumping Dragons
Jumping Jupiter Clams
Jumping Jupiters
Jupiter Aliens
Jupiter All-Stars
Jupiter Bulldogs
Jupiter Dragons
Jupiter Fliers
Jupiter Geniuses
Jupiter Giants
Jupiter Hurricanes
Jupiter Jaguars
Jupiter Jammers
Jupiter Jawbreakers
Jupiter Jedi
Jupiter Jets
Jupiter Jetsons
Jupiter Jockeys
Jupiter Juggernauts
Jupiter Jumpers
Jupiter Juniors
Jupiter Juveniles
Jupiter Kids
Jupiter Red Spots
Jupiter's Sacred Eye

- K -

Kia's Comets
Kids In Black
Kids of the Universe
Kids on Pluto
Killer Comets
Killer Hurricanes
Killer Moons
King Jupiters
Krazy Komet Kids

- L -

Lean Mean Planet Machine Space Kids
Lean Mean Planet Machines
Lightning Meteorites
Little Dippers
Luke Skywalkers
Lunar Ladies
Lunar Leopards
Lunar Rovers
Lunar Tics

- M -

Macho Moons
Mad Comets
Mad Earths
Mad Martians
Mad Mars
Mad Scientists
Mad Meteroites
Magnificent Martians
Magnificent Mercuries
Magnificent Meteors
Manly Martians
Martian Killer Comets
Martian Mashers
Mars All-Stars
Mars Attacks
Mars Bars
Mars Devils
Mars Eliminators
Mars Kids
Mars Maniac Martians
Mars Madness
Mars Marshmallows
Mars Martians
Mars Massacres
Mars Meteorites
Mars Milky Bars
Mars Milky Ways
Mars Monkeys
Mars Rock Stars
Mars Stars
Mars Stones
Mars Superstars
Mars Warriors
Martian Space Destroyers
Martian Warriors
Martians From Mars
Marushak’s Martians
Marvelous Martian Space Explorers
Marvelous Martians
Marvelous Mercurys
Marvelous Meteorites
Massive Meteorites
Matching Stars
McKinley Stars
Mean Mercuries
Mega Mars
Megan's Mars Bars
Mercury Asteroids
Mercury Burners
Mercury Comets
Mercury Maniacs
Mercury Martians
Mercury Masters
Mercury Meatballs
Mercury Marauders
Mercury Meteorites
Mercury Mikes
Mercury Milk Shakes
Mercury Minds
Mercury Mohawks
Mercury Monkeys
Mercury Moose People
Mercury Murderers
Mercury Penguins
Metallic Meteorites
Meteor Bolts
Meteor Kids
Mighty Aliens
Mighty Mars Meatballs
Mighty Meteors
Mighty Nights
Midnight Mascots
Midnight Troopers
Milky Way All Stars
Milky Way Chocolate Bars
Milky Way Giants
Milky Way Martians
Milky Way Mashers
Milky Ways
Miniature Martians From Mars
Mini Martians
Miraculous Meteorites
Monkeys from Mercury
Monkeys on Mars
Monster Meteorites
Monster Meteors
Moon Beamers
Moon Busters
Moon Mashers
Moon Monkeys
Moon Monsters
Moon Patrols
Moon Rockers
Moon Stars
Moon Walkers
Moon Warriors
Mortal Comets
Mosser Martians
Mosser Spaceballs
Muscle Moons

- N -

Nasty Neptunes
Naughty Night Crawlers Nebular Nuts
Neon Neptunes
Neptune Annihilators
Neptune Eskimos
Neptune Gnashers
Neptune Hurricanes
Neptune Kids
Neptune Knights
Neptune Nerds
Neptune Neighbors
Neptune Ninjas
Neptune Nittany Lions
Neptune Noodles
Neptune Nuts
Neptunian Plutonians
New Kids in Space
New York Astronauts
New York Neptunes
Nine Planeteers
Nine Planets
Ninja Neptunes
Ninja Stars
North Star Team
Nosy Nebulas
Notorious Neptunes
Nuclear Neptunes

- O -

101 Constellations
Orbit Outlaws
Out of Sight Spacers
Out of this Worlds
Outer Space Jedi Puppies
Outer Space Simpsons
Outrageous Earths

- P -

Parkway Comets
Patrick's Plutos
Perfect Plutos
Phoenix Suns
Planet Breakers
Planet Champs
Planet Crushers
Planet Destroyers
Planet Extremes
Planet Gang Planet Kids
Planet Pulverizers
Planet Pupils
Planet Quiz Show Wizards
Planet Wildcats
Planet Wizards
Planet-X Invaders
Planet X-Men
Planet-X Prickly Pickles
Planet-X Superstars
Planet-X Terminators
Planet X-tremes
Pluto Bulldogs
Pluto Dogs
Pluto Icers
Pluto Panthers
Pluto Partridges
Pluto Pip-squeaks
Pluto Pit Bulls
Pluto Planetoids
Pluto Polar Bears
Pluto Poltergeists
Pluto Popsicles
Pluto Predators
Pluto Pulverizers
Pluto Punks
Pluto Puppies
Pluto Pups
Pluto Purple Tigers
Pluto Pythons
Pluto Space Wizards
Pluto’s Ice Crystals
Pluto's Little Angels
Pluto's Petrifying People
Pluto’s Pirates
Poisonous Planets
Primary Stars
Psycho Saturns
Puffy Planets
Purple Pluto Penguins
Purple Pluto Tigers
Purple Tigers from Pluto

- Q -

Quick Comets
Quiz Masters

- R -

Red Comets
Red Cyclones
Red Hot Pluto Peppers
Red Hot Suns
Red Hot Venuses
Red Rockets
Red Spots
Red Team
Red War
Rings of Saturn
Ritter Aliens from Earth
Roaring Rockets
Robert's Rockets
Rock 'N' Roll Rockets
Rocket Chips
Rocket Kids
Rocketing Raccoons
Rocket Raiders
Rockin' Comets
Rockin' Rockets
Rockin' Rotators
Rocky Moons
Roosevelt Rockets
Rotating Lions

- S -

San Diego Suns
San Francisco Saturns
San Francisco Suns
Saturn Eagles
Saturn Ninja Stars
Saturn Rangers
Saturn Ringers
Saturn Saints
Saturn Satellites
Saturn Science Searchers
Saturn Science Team
Saturn Sea Hawks
Saturn 76ers
Saturn Slammers
Saturn Slashers
Saturn Slicers
Saturn Slickers
Saturn Slime Balls
Saturn Sluggers
Saturn Smarties
Saturn Smashers
Saturn Snake Heads
Saturn Sonics
Saturn Space Cadets
Saturn Space Hawks
Saturn Stallions
Saturn Star Warriors
Saturn Stars
Saturn Steelers
Saturn Suckers
Saturn Supersonics
Saturn Superstars
Saturn Surfers
Saturn’s Rings
Sassy Saturns
Science Rules
Sensational Star Kids
Sharpshooting Stars
Sheridan Satellites
Sheridan School Stars
Shining Stars
Shining Venuses
Shiny Sparkling Saturns
Shoot for the Stars
Shooting Star Legends
Shooting Stars
Sidekick Satellites
Silly Saturn Spaceships
Silver Satellites
Smack Down Solar Systems
Smart Saturns
Smart Stars
Smart Suns
Smartest Kids in the Galaxy
Smashing Saturns
Solar Aces
Solar Babies
Solar Bulldogs
Solar Dogs
Solar Flares
Solar Gators
Solar Kids
Solar People
Solar Powered Rockers
Solar Sea Hawks
Solar Seekers
Solar Sharks
Solar Space Cadets
Solar Stars
Solar System Cowboys
Solar System Champions
Solar System Crew
Solar System Kids
Solar System Psychos
Solar System Smurfs
Solar System Superstars
Solar System Warriors
Solar Systems
Sonic Saturns
Sonic Space Ninjas
Sour Saturn Superstars
Space Busters
Super Saturns
Solar System Wizards
Solar Systems
Solar Whizzes
Soaring Satellites
Sonic Saturns
Space-Age Kids
Space Babes
Space Busters
Space Cadets
Space Chimps
Space Commanders
Space Cowboys
Space Cubs
Space Dudes
Space Eagles
Space Explorers
Space Fighters
Space Geniuses
Space Giants
Space Girls
Space Gods
Space Invaders
Space Jams
Space Jammers
Space Kids
Space Lizards Space Masters
Space Meteors
Space Midgets
Space Monkeys
Space Pirates
Space Raiders
Space Rangers
Space Shooters
Space Voyagers
Space Whiz Kids
Spacecraft Cruisers
Spaced Out Kids
Speeding Comets
Spinning Plutos
Star Fighters
Star Flyers
Star Rockets
Star Searchers
Star Trekkers
Star Warriors
Star Wars
Stars of Saturn
Stars of the Planet Mars
Stellar Husky Pups
Striking Comets
Summertime Suns
Sun Blasters
Sun Dragons
Sun Rockers
Sun Sparks
Sun Saucers
Sun Stars
Sun Strikers
Super Astronauts
Super Mars
Super Satellites
Super Saturn Satellites
Super Saturn Stars
Super Saturns
Super Saturn Sea Hawks
Super Shooting Stars
Super Solar Punks
Super Solar Samurais
Super Solar System
Super Stunning Saturn Stars
Super Suns
Superior Suns
Supersonic Aliens
Supersonic Saturns

- T -

Tasmanian Suns
13 Planet Survivors
Titannic Terrors
Titannic Titans
Too Hot for the Sun
Twinkle Stars

- U -

Undefeated Uranians
Union Terrace Kids from Uranus
Universe Champs
Unknown Planets
Uranus Bulldogs
Uranus Colts
Uranus Ringers
Uranus Unicorns
UT-Space Balls

- V -

Venus Beauties
Venus Burning
Venus Crushers
Venus Destroyers
Venus Fireballs
Venus Fires
Venus Fly Traps
Venus Hotties
Venus Star Girls
Venus Vampires
Venus Victories
Venus Vikings
Venus Vipers
Venus Volcanoes
Venus Voyagers
Venus Vultures
Venusians Vicious Venuses
Voodoo Vultures from Venus

- W -

Wacky Aliens
Wacky Aliens from Mars
Wacky World Winners
Washington Asteroids
Washington Stars
Wild Space Kids
Winning Mars Warriors

- X -


- Y -

Yerkes Jerkies

- Z -

Zenith Vipers
Zodiacal Lights


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